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South Point Sales was founded in 2014 by Mike Recio and Arika Everatt-Meeuse.

Mike Recio

Both Mike and Arika were born into the thoroughbred business and have lived and breathed horses all their lives. Mike came up under came up under my dad, respected Florida horseman Bill Recio, and has been active in Central Kentucky for the past 20 years. After graduating from the University of Louisville, he was involved with client services at Taylor Made Sales, Adena Springs, Mill Ridge Sales and Hidden Brook Farm. Through those positions Mike developed an extensive personal network of industry players, many of whom he genuinely calls friends.

Arika’s parents founded the renowned Canadian nursery Shannondoe Farm nearly 50 years ago and Arika has been an integral part of the operation from a young age. She’s helped to raise the likes of champions Sand Cove and Terromoto and, most recently, 2016 Horse of the Year Caren. Her care and dedication to the horse is unsurpassed and I’m constantly amazed at her depth of knowledge and expertise.

Arika Everatt-Meeuse

Mike and Arika consider themselves extremely lucky that the thoroughbred game and business still excites them. It still gets their hearts pumping when a client gets that extra bid or two because they followed their advice on sale selection and placement. They still smile together when we see a showman that’s been with us awhile expertly display a yearling for a potential buyer. And there is still no better feeling than watching one of the South Point Sales grads being led into the winner’s circle on a Saturday afternoon, knowing that the thrill is being exponentially felt the owner and often by the breeder back at the farm.

Mike and Arika also consider themselves lucky that their skills are so complimentary and that their backgrounds have allowed them to form extensive networks of buyer and sellers from every corner of North America.

Mike and Arika invite you to give us a call to talk about your breeding and sales program.

Call Mike Recio – 859-221-1809

Call Arika Everatt-Meeuse – 519-871-9347

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